Some of the Home remedies to Flush Fat Fast....

Lemon and Honey With Lukewarm Water
-Mix quarter of a lemon with lukewarm water and honey.Drink this early in the morning empty stomach every day.
Green Tea-Green tea is rich in antioxidants that act as janitors of the body. But to get the best results from green tea, you must have it without sugar.
Bottle Gourd Juice-Bottle gourd is a very healthy vegetable. It is filling, rich in fibre and also has a cooling effect on your stomach. This fibre rich drink gives almost zero fats to your body.
Apple Cidar Vinegar-You can mix apple cidar vinegar with water or juice and drink it up. It improves digestion and also helps get rid of bad cholesterol.
Parsley Juice-Parsley is a herb that is excellent for the kidneys and has almost no fats at all.....